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 Contagious Commitment at Work  Contagious Commitment at Work
Deploying a change is a serious matter, but learning about it doesn't have to be. Contagious Commitment at Work takes a lighthearted approach.

Organizations change when people in them change. When employees think differently about their work and approach their jobs aligned with the change, they influence their coworkers and move the initiative forward. Contagious Commitment at Work provides leaders with a road map for involving employees in any new initiative.
Illustrations and first-person accounts of applying the ideas give readers practical guidance to ensure success.
ISBN: 978-0-9741028-3-2
Released: 2016  •  eBook & Print
106 pages

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Contagious Commitment at Work

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Creating Contagious Commitment is essential to anyone interested in the process of organizational change. The book expands on the diverse foundations of the Tipping Point computer simulation, which is based on lessons from public health, systems thinking and organizational theory.

Creating Contagious Commitment simultaneously provides a solid foundation and helps the reader think out-of-the-box— providing leaders with the tools to guide their own organizations to contagious, sustainable change. Charts and graphs reinforce the theory, and real-world applications ground it.
ISBN: 978-0-9741028-1-8
Released: 2010  •  eBook & Print
200 pages

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Creating Contagious Commitment

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Andrea Shapiro has a proven path to success. Much like bringing an iPhone instead of two cans and a string, her elegant model strips away the façade of Dilbert-esque practices leaders use which actually undermine their plans.
—George Smart,MBA, Strategic Development Inc.

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