Certification Training: What You Get

From This Train-the-Trainer You Will:

  • Understand how to use the Change, Dialogue, and Action workshop with a group working toward a change. The Tipping Point computer simulation gives teams an opportunity to experiment with the factors affecting change.
  • Be able to use the workshop's strength in leveraging friendly competition to foster dialogue and discussion on organizational change. This conversation is key. It uncovers hidden assumptions, and highlights team members’ individual knowledge. This serves to create a richer shared understanding of ways to effectively implement change.
  • Feel confident that you have practical tools that can free clients from the cycle of organizational change failures to successfully implement needed change.
  • After you facilitate the Change, Dialogue, and Action workshop with your clients, they will:
    • Understand the basics of the underlying model of change represented in the model.
    • Have a focused conversation on the factors affecting change in their own environment.
    • Begin the process of creating a shared mental model of change in their organization.
    • Bring specific ideas back to their organization to foster a needed organizational change.

What You Get:

  • One and a half days of certification training led by its creator, Andrea Shapiro, Ph.D., or by a fully qualified workshop Master Trainer.
  • Experience facilitating the workshop.
  • Facilitator materials (extensive Facilitator’s Guide and licensed copy of the Tipping Point simulation on CD).
  • Participant materials (workbook and Creating Contagious Commitment).
  • Small class size: limited to 16 people!
  • You’ll be certified and licensed to deliver Tipping Point Workshop!

Facilitator Materials

Facilitator Materials The 1.5-day training prepares includes a comprehensive Facilitator’s Guide, which explains the workshop and background to it in detail and a CD, which includes slides to pace the workshop and software for the Tipping Point management flight simulator.

The Facilitator Guide is a comprehensive reference. It goes step-by-step through the workshop, gives extensive background information to help the facilitator deliver the workshop with confidence.

Participant Materials

Participant Materials When a facilitator delivers a workshop to his or her clients, according to the terms of the license, participants will receive a copy of Creating Contagious Commitment and the workbook for the Tipping Point Workshop, entitled Change, Dialogue, and Action.

Certification training also includes copies of the participant materials.

Change, Dialogue, and Action makes it easy for participants to take notes and participate the dialogue that the workshop fosters. Creating Contagious Commitment goes into further detail, with several real-world examples, in the ideas presented in the workshop. See Praise for Creating Contagious Commitment.

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