Upcoming Certification training

There are two great options for adding this powerful workshop to your toolkit by becoming trained and certified to facilitate the Change, Dialogue, and Action Workshop. First, if you have 6-16 people in your organization who can profit from this tool choose on-site certification training. Otherwise. Strategy Perspective and its affiliates offer ocassional public certification trainings both in the US and in the UK.

On-site Certification Training

You can arrange to have a certification training in your own business or consultancy. This is a great way to leverage this powerful workshop with your clients or in your business.

Please contact us for information on certification training on your site.

The next public certification training will be in April/May 2017:

Training methods are a combination of:
• directed study, to be completed in your own time
• four online live training sessions*

Total commitment of your time will be approx. 12 hours

* Online sessions will be scheduled, as much as possible, for convenience of the participant group. Up to four sessions, depending on numbers and rate of progress. Some face-to-face sessions may be arranged if appropriate, depending on locations, needs and preferences of the group.

For more information contact Dr. David Yarrow
or email contact@time-for-change.co.uk.

Time for Change delivers public certification training in the UK.

The training will be delivered by Dr. David Yarrow, Director of Time for Change. Dave is a long-time student of change, who has delivered the Change, Dialogue and Action Workshop many times, in diverse settings since 2004. He has been a Master Trainer, certified to train others to facilitate the workshop, since 2009.

Click here or more information or contact Time for Change

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Dr. Andrea Shaprio of Strategy Perspective offers public certification trainings in the US.

Please watch this space for future public certification trainings or contact us for more information on public offering in the US or to arrange certification training on your site.

Anyone who is leading a change initiative or who is in a supporting or advising role can benefit from certification in the Change, Dialogue, and Action Workshop. Leveraging it with your work can help you to increase effectiveness and cost-effectiveness by recognizing the critical success factors early in any change process.

This one-and-a-half-day certification training includes hands-on experience facilitating the workshop. Facilitator materials (extensive facilitator guide, slides to pace the workshop, and licensed copy of change simulation software). Participant materials (workbook and Creating Contagious Commitment). Small class size: limited to 12 people.

You’ll be certified to deliver Change, Dialogue and Action Workshops in your own organization or consultancy!

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