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Creating Contagious Commitment is cited in the Council of Advisors on Science and Technology REPORT TO THE PRESIDENT on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education. (See page 14, Table 1. Actions to induce cultural change). Read more at WhiteHouse.gov
The reading list for The College of Engineering Honors Program at the University of Michigan includes Creating Contagious Commitment as an essential read in leadership and change management. See the whole list at University of Michigan, Engineering Honors Program
Creating Contagious Commitment is referenced by the UK's National Health Service (NHS), Leading Change Network, for its lessons for leadership. Read more at leadingchangenetwork.org
"In her book Creating Contagious Commitment: Applying the Tipping Point to Organizational Change, author Andrea Shapiro writes about a typical change project gone awry… We observed the same thing as we talked with and traveled to the TransforMED practices…." Read more at TransforMED.com
"We also incorporated actions based on Dr. Andrea Shapiro’s seven levers of change, outlined in her book Creating Contagious Commitment....Those seven levers included contacts between the advocates and the apathetic, walk the talk, and ensuring that reward and recognition supports the change...." Read more at SigmaZone.com.
"Change is about people. Companies make a wide variety of changes to improve performance, to process redesign, to introduce quality initiatives.... However, unless there is true buy-in from employees, these schemes are destined to fail...." More at OakwoodLearning.com.
"In 2005 I started my journey through organizational change, with the first edition of Andrea Shapiro’s Creating Contagious Commitment: Applying the Tipping Point to Organizational Change as my implementer’s guide to successful change...." Read more at engine-for-change.com
A teacher explores change theories described in Creating Contagious Commitment: Applying the Tipping Point to Organizational Changee by Andrea Shapiro. Read the description at TeachingQuality.org.
"Creating Contagious Commitment by Andrea Shapiro is the first book I’ve written about in our newsletter that I haven’t enjoyed reading. That fact gave me pause, but the concepts presented were so useful that it’s worth some (electronic) ink to tell you about it...." Read the review at ThirdSpaceStudio.com.
"The title Creating Contagious Commitment, captures some of what the book is about. When organizations find themselves in a position where they need to make a change, it could be to improve quality or efficiency or profits, it is so tempting for them to emphasize the technical aspects of the change...." Read more at PinnacleNews.org.
"Creating Contagious Commitment…shows how to apply common levers that motivate humans to adopt new concepts in the application of organizational change initiatives…. This book presents a realistic approach for project managers who want to effectively negotiate the land mines that exist when attempting to change operational paradigms...." More at CheetahLearning.com.
"Great book to help break down the tipping point model into actionable items within an organization. My only gripe is ... repetition. Over all a very good book." GoodReads.com.
"BOOKS WE RECOMMEND:…Creating Contagious Commitment by Andrea Shapiro: See the whole list at WrightSources.com.
"Andrea Shapiro provides the 'Creating Contagious Commitment' framework which shows an integration of the tipping point’s model dynamics to the theory of organizational change…. To Shapiro the two main categories which the seven levers are categorized...." Much more at CustomWritingTips.com.
"The Tipping Point [is a] simulation model that uses lessons from public health to make an organizational change contagious and sustainable. Users experience the complexities of change and can explore the factors that motivate people to change, and apply these systemic learnings to their own organization...." More at Pegasuscom.com
"The Tipping Point model captures important dynamics of change that can help leaders to see potential side effects of their actions with the aim of sparking new ideas about implementation in pursuit of affecting change...." Read more at Corrections.com
"Struggling with change is not unique to medical practice; it's a challenge most organizations face when trying to alter entrenched patterns or processes. It's estimated..." Read the whole description at Family Practice Management
"Highly recommended reading for the Leadership Academy....Resources for managing change... Creating Contagious Commitment by Andrea Shapiro" Cabrillo College.

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