Change, Dialogue, and Action Workshop Facilitators

Strategy Perspective is proud to be associated with the following professionals. They have been trained and certified to deliver the Change, Dialogue, and Action Workshop. Their varied backgrounds reflect the diversity of changes and industries who have leveraged the Workshop for positive change.

Sergio Baraja

Sergio Barajas is an expert in adapting the ongoing cultural changes in Latin America to the principles of Leadership and Teambuilding. His particular focus and knowledge on the Hispanic cultures has allowed him to develop Contagious Commitment through Tipping Point and apply it to a diverse range of complicated social, financial, and political scenarios. Facilitation in Spanish.

Latin America •

Cyrille Jegu Cyrille Jegu has been leading transformation programs and projects for over 10 years across cultures, continents, and industry sectors. Cyrille helps organizations gain a common understanding and mental model to enable and accelerate change. He is particularly interested in accelerating change toward sustainability for businesses. Cyrille can be reached at

London • Tehran • Mumbai • Singapore • Hong Kong • Shanghai

Gillian Morrissey Gillian Morrissey has worked in performance improvement for over 12 years. Led the Operational Excellence programme at the GlaxoSmithKline Cork, Ireland site. Accredited in Lean Six Sigma (Master Black belt) and in Change Management, Training, Mediation, and Coaching. Wide range of experience including manufacturing Lean & Six sigma projects, problem solving, Kaizen & workshop facilitation, Organizational redesign & restructuring, strategy deployment, change management and communication.

Cork , Ireland •

Gundula Schramm As the CEO of companies in Germany and China, Gundula Schramm has learned to cope with complexity. She knows that a linear cause-effect approach for the successful governance of “time-delayed” systems is not sufficient. A clear separation between cause and effect is no longer possible. The tipping point methodology helps to develop a comprehensive, integrated and action strategy for any change project. Facilitation in German.

Germany, China •

Warren Scott Warren Scott is an highly experienced change facilitator. Based in the UK, Warren has worked with the Tipping Point principles across the world. He is especially interested in helping organizations and individuals develop the key skills of advocacy.

Wiltshire, United Kingdom •

Michelle Shields, Ph.D. Michelle Shields, Ph.D. has been using the Tipping Point simulation and Creating Contagious Commitment since 2000. She has worked with hundreds of managers in organizations working toward greater understanding of how to positively create and support change. She is available to facilitate programs in the Asia Pacific region. Reach Michelle at

Christchurch, New Zealand

Dan Siems Currently the COO at AcuFocus, Inc., Dan Siems REALLY IS a finance-focused change management executive at this medical device start-up, where change is rapid and always needs shepherding. Dan specializes in C-level strategy development and deployment. He is available for short gigs or phone consults. You can contact him at

Orange County, CA USA

Tony Sighe Tony Sighe has delivered the Workshops to hundreds of people. Working as the Change Manager on large transformation programs, he leveraged the workshop to create a common language across the management team. Tony also developed a change analysis tool that measures the level of advocacy at a point in time, described in Creating Contagious Commitment.

Wiltshire, United Kingdom •

Kelly Walsh Kelly Walsh is a specialist Change Agent with 27 years experience including seven years as a Lean Sigma Master Black Belt working across a diverse number of autonomous Business Units and External Partners with GlaxoSmithKline. Passionate about engaging people to deliver superior performance and developing a continuous improvement mindset, my style is to challenge the status quo and build business success through win-win alliances.

Cork , Ireland •

David Yarrow, Ph.D David Yarrow, Ph.D. has been advising and training in change management and business excellence for 25 years. He finds the many workshops he has delivered since 2004 to be a great way to achieve fresh insights into how to make change happen effectively. He believes in making learning fun. He is a ‘Master Trainer’ and regularly trains others as workshop facilitators.

Newcastle, United Kingdom •

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