Change Dialogue and Action Workshop

Gamification Works: Change Dialogue and Action: Applying the Tipping Point to Organizational Change is an acclaimed learning workshop. Often known as the Tipping Point Workshop, for the computer simulation at its heart, Change, Dialogue, and Action it presents a holistic framework for implementing change. The workshop has been used by change leaders in a wide range of organizations in the US, Canada, Europe and around the world.

The Change, Dialogue, and Action workshop leverages friendly competition for a proven track record of fostering successful and sustainable changes when applied in participants’ own organizations.

All too often―given the day-to-day pressures of our jobs―when faced with a change implementation we slip into old familiar strategies―despite their frequent lack of success in the past. Used in the workshop, the Tipping Point management-flight simulator, based on the Seven Levers of Change, can help focus management teams on creating better, more successful strategies to put important changes into practice.

Using the Tipping Point simulation gave our team a fresh perspective and renewed enthusiasm. The dialogue unfolded easily through well designed theory presentation and interaction with the simulator. By the time we got to the reflection questions about our organizational change effort, we were very prepared to begin applying the learning to our own situation.
—Darlene Flynn, Policy Lead, City of Seattle, Race and Social Justice

The Change, Dialogue, and Action workshop is experiential and interactive. Teams compete with one another to develop the best strategy to move the simulated organization toward a needed change. In workshops, teams have been known to spontaneously stand up and cheer as their strategy unfolds in the simulation. Participants have debated vigorously during the simulation runs about trade‐offs and costs. After using the simulation, participants can immediately apply what they have learned to a current change initiative facing their organization, and make real progress―in real time.

What to expect

  • An overview of the Tipping Point theory, and the seven levers of change.
  • Experimentation with the factors that affect change, using an interactive computer simulator.
  • Focused dialogue with teammates to create a shared and common vision of how to implement a change.
  • Practical knowledge to make your organizational change both contagious and sustainable.

Who should attend

Change, Dialogue, Action works best with 15-35 people. These can be a cross-section of people affected by the change or an intact team. It is always good to include:
  • Change sponsors
  • Day-to-day leaders who are planning a new change or engaged in a current change effort Managers who want to increase the buy-in and commitment
  • Internal Organizational Development or Human Resources consultants
  • Teams responsible for leading a change initiative
  • Individuals who want a holistic understanding of change management

How long does it take?

  • In the half-day Workshop, participants use the simulator to experience and ground the concepts in the Tipping Point model. After the half-day Workshop, participants have a robust understanding of the interactions and feedback inherent in implementing change.
  • The full-day Workshop allows participants to apply their learnings to a real-life change initiative, and create action items for success.

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